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A yoga retreat is a wonderful opportunity to step away from your old routines and into something new. It's so easy getting wrapped up in the day-to-day obligations that life begins to feel a little boring and uneventful. Yes, you're attending your yoga classes regularly, but even THAT is starting to feel a bit too repetitive. Maybe it's time to move away from the 'basic' and into the 'extra!" How about a yoga retreat!?

The point of a yoga retreat is to get away from home. At home, we have our schedules and responsibilities that can keep us pretty busy (and sometimes disconnected.) It's time for a break! It's time to pack your bags and go somewhere!

Think of this as an opportunity to pamper and take care of yourself. You're probably at home taking care of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! Why not escape the mundane and have others take care of YOU! While you're being fed and others are taking care of the schedule at a yoga retreat, all you have to do is take some yoga classes and relax. When you are offered time to focus only on yourself at a retreat, you gain a deeper connection to your practice as well as experience more significant shifts and changes that may be needed in your life at this time. With limited distractions, you can dedicate your time to self-improvement, growth, stillness, and silence. These are the type of things you can encounter on a yoga retreat.

A good yoga retreat will have a theme or intention for the time you're away from home. It may focus on Meditation & Mindfulness or Removable of Obstacles, or Discovering Your Inner Strength or Connecting To Self & Others. The yoga, meals, AND outings will all encompass the overall yoga theme. You'll then be able to bring all those wonderful life-changing moments home with you and integrate them into your regular life routine.

Have you ever wanted to travel to Spain, France, or Mexico? You can find a yoga retreat in just about any part of the world. Yes, they can be a little pricey, so you'll have to do some planning. Start by looking for places that offer retreats, see what they are offering in regards to their theme, and get pre-registered. Save your money because you'll need to purchase tickets for travel and have enough money for excursions, extra amenities (like massages) at the retreat, extra meals (and cocktails), and souvenirs. A strategy I've used to save for a trip is to open a separate savings account at my bank and have an automatically transfer of funds into that account each week so that I have enough to pay for my vacation.

You'll likely be staying in a space specifically designed for yoga retreats. They will have a yoga studio, dining hall, and comfortable lodging. And depending on where you go, you may be by a pool or near the ocean, have easy access to the big city and tourists, or in the mountain regions surrounded by nature. Yoga retreats like these are often 5 to 7 days long. Some may be longer. I'd recommend a 7 day retreat; it's just enough time to get what you're needing at a yoga retreat.

I know, traveling to Greece or Amsterdam may sound like something for those who live the life of the rich and famous. Travel with a friend or partner - you can find great discounts when you travel as a couple. Take advantage of Early Bird Specials - some retreats will encourage early registration by offering a lower price for a limited time. You may be surprised; you may be able to find something that fits your vacation budget.

Also, don't rule out local yoga retreats. There might be one in your own town. There may be weekend retreats or even one-day retreats that are just outside the city limits. This gives you the advantage of being away from home, but gives you the feeling of being on a true retreat: a break from the norm.

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