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Yoga For The Business Owner

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Your business takes a lot of your time: meetings, management, infrastructure, planning, and the list goes on. So many responsibilities to take care; it can be quite stressful at times. Because your focus remains intently on the daily functions of the business, it can be a challenge to think about other things - particularly yourself. In the dynamic of taking care of your business, one thing can easily get neglected: you.

In order to continue your financial success, it is also important to take care of yourself. You are just as valuable as your business and it requires the same care and attention in order for it to grow and prosper. But how does a business owner find the time to take care of him or herself? And when do you have time?

You may have heard of yoga and the benefits that it can bring to people. People often go to yoga classes to gain more flexibility and strength. Yoga is also a wonderful practice for relieving stress in the mind and body. You have had many intentions of going to a yoga class, but due to your very busy schedule, it can be difficult. But yoga doesn't always have to be done in a yoga studio. You can even take a few minutes between meetings to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

One of the main components of yoga is breathing; it is the foundation of most yoga practices. Whether you're wanting to strengthen your muscles or gain mental clarity, breath is often the place to start. You can start a yoga practice in your own office with some simple breathing. It will help you to stay focused, clear your mind, and even provide a calming effect that eases tension and mental stress.

Here's a simple practice you can do; it only takes a few minutes. If you're able, shut your office door, turn off your cell phone, and have your calls held. Take a comfortable seat; it may be in your office chair or even on the floor. Close your eyes. Find stillness in your body and begin to focus on your breathing. You don't have to do anything particularly special or different with your breath, just be aware that you ARE breathing.

Notice the sensation of breath as it moves in and out. When you concentrate on only your breath, it helps to calm the mind. Your other responsibilities will seem to fade away, even for just a few minutes. But that clarity will be profoundly beneficial to you. You will feel more productive when it is time to get back to business.

Further, if you start to breathe slowly, still concentrating on the sensation and the sound of your breath, you essentially bring down your heart rate and pulse. This is good for your heart. It's certainly much better to have a healthy, calm heart than one that is stressed.

Although this may not be a full yoga practice; one that does not include yoga postures, it still is quite resourceful for the busy business person. Taking a short moment to focus on your breath daily can be just as effective as an hour-long yoga practice at the gym. If you dedicate just a few moments out fo your day to focus on your breath, your heart and mind will great appreciate it.

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