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Stay Motivated

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Sometimes it's not that easy getting to your yoga class regularly. What do you do when you run into "yoga-block?" You know you ‘should’ go, but you just can't get your body to cooperate. How can you kick it into gear? Here are a couple of tips that might help you get/stay motivated.

Try Something New

One reason you may not be hitting the yoga mat like you want to is that it's lacking variety, freshness, and stimulation. Sometimes we need a little something to perk things up so we are recharged. If you've been going to the same class week after week, maybe you've grown too accustomed to the instruction, the class format, or even the teacher. Try attending a brand new class; take another style of yoga. It may refreshen your desire for yoga and it may help you to dig deeper into inner awareness that is needed right now. Perhaps you've only scratched the surface with your yoga practice. Trying something new may take you to that next level.

Go With A Friend

You're more likely to show up to your hot yoga class if you know you're friend is waiting for you. Heck, they even saved a spot for you in the studio! Team up with a yoga buddy and you'll keep your commitment to your practice. Make an agreement with a friend to encourage each other to go to class. You'll both be glad you went.

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