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It’s About The Journey

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There are many great yoga poses out there: handstands, binds, and twists that make you look like a pretzel. But yoga isn’t all about getting to these dynamic postures. Yoga takes into account the journey toward a personal goal. Yoga is about taking one step at a time, being patient, frugal, thoughtful, mindful, consistent, etc. These are the traits we learn about ourselves when striving toward a particular yoga pose, or life goal.

Take, for example, Crow Pose. As a yoga instructor, I see Crow Pose as a nice introductory arm-balancing posture. I like to break down the pose into many parts before actually doing the pose. I will teach the class core strength, hip openers, upper body strength, balance, and more before we even attempt Crow Pose. Once we have all the “parts,” we begin to construct the pose. I’m not concerned whether or not the student masters the posture. I’m thrilled when people make steps toward something that they deem impossible for their bodies. When I see a student place their knees on their bent elbows while still keeping their toes on the floor, I consider that a success. Moving into a pose like Crow is more about the process.

You can look at your other life experiences in the same way. If you have some major obligations ahead of you, but feel overwhelmed as to how you will complete them, try breaking them down into small achielveable parts. Set daily goals accomplishing those smaller tasks and before you know it, you’ve reached your destination.

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