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Is There balance in Your Yoga Practice?

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I’m a Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. It’s a very dynamic way of practicing. It offers many physical challlenges yet it maintains the main principles of yoga. With carefully constructed vinyasa sequences, I move my students through various poses that work the entire body. In my instruction, I’m reminding students to stay focused on their breath as a resource of strength and support as they move from pose to pose. And, if a pose or sequence is too far out of the their comfort zone, I encourage them to modify or skip the pose/sequence. Students are also reminded that this is THEIR practice; I’m just offering suggestions on how they can move through the yoga class. Again, Power Yoga can be very demanding and students really like the “workout” quality of this type of yoga.

But, Power Yoga isn’t the only way to practice. If I notice that students come to several of my classes during the week, I like to offer this invitation to them: be sure to find balance in your yoga practice. If you’re regularly attending Power Yoga classes, I would also suggest trying a class that offers something less physical. Try a Restorative Yoga class in the mix of all the Vinyasa classes. Why Restorative Yoga? Simply, the body needs a break from all the physical challenges. Our bodies and minds are already put through their paces on a daily basis. Power Yoga may only increase that intensity. Find balance, rest, and refuge in a Restorative Yoga class. These classes allow the body (and mind) to physically relax. There is no vinyasa flow, there is very little to no muscle engagement in these classes. The body simply releases and relaxes aided by yoga props to support the body.

I would highly recommend attending a Restorative Yoga class. Check your yoga studio schedule to see if one is offered that fits your schedule. Your body will appreciate the break.

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