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I Can’t Do Yoga. I’m Not Flexible.

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A comment I often get from people who do not practice yoga is...”I’m not flexible. I won’t be good at yoga.” Well, here’s a tip to all the non-yogis out there that are thinking about trying it out. You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. In fact, in my opinion, yoga is quite approachable and even easier if you’re not already flexible. Take this pose, for example. It shows me doing a Forward Fold. But notice that I’m not touching my toes. Guess what? You don’t have to touch your toes when doing a forward fold. If you can bring your hands to your thighs or shins and feel a stretch in your hamstrings....then you’re doing the pose absolutely right. (You can even bend your knees.) I’ve seen nothing in the Yoga Rule Book that states you have to touch your toes or keep your legs straight when doing a Forward Fold. (BTW...there’s NO Yoga Rule Book!) So, what I’m trying to say is....go to a yoga class....even if you’re not flexible. The instructor will guide you into poses that suit YOUR body. If you continue the practice of yoga on a regular basis, one result you’ll experience IS flexibility. Check out your local gym or yoga studio to see what time the next class is!

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