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Heart Chakra & Self Love

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As we approach the season of love, we turn our attention to sending greeting cards, roses, and chocolates to our sweethearts. Valentine's Day gives us the opportunity to share and acknowledge our love for those that we care about the most. But we also know that the sharing of love can be a deeper expression; far beyond the flowers and candy.


When we focus on the Heart Chakra, we can learn about a stronger connection of love with each other and with ourselves. The Heart Chakra is the fourth of the seven chakras. It's primary focus is on the energy center of the heart. In Sanskrit, the ancient language of yoga, this chakra is called Anahata which can mean "pure" or "clean." It can also mean balance, serenity , and calmness. This is a beautiful representation of the heart center. It truly identifies the full nature of what it can mean to love.

The idea of love and the expression of love can seem quite complicated, but in essence, it is very simple. When we examine the full expression of the fourth chakra, it signifies a sense of purity. It reminds us that love is beyond the admiration for objects and material things. The Heart Chakra is about stripping away from those ideas; to detach from the material and connect to the truth.  Although our life circumstances are inundated with challenges, controversies, dislikes, and other struggles, deep down, there is still love. Raising the energy of the Heart Chakra allows us to look beyond the external human condition; to experience life with a sense of openness. As these boundary walls fall away, we are left with an expansion that invites us to see and experience the world with a new sense of peace. This trek toward peace begins with ourselves.

The Heart Chakra is about unconditional love, especially when there is that sense of purity and openness. That love can be directed toward others in the way we view and treat the world around us, but the journey begins with the Self. To be in balance with all things, it is important that love is directed toward ourselves. When that occurs, when we treat ourselves with love and kindness, then it becomes an authentic outward expression toward others.

To bring more energy to your heart center can start simply. As stated, it is essential to treat yourself with gentleness; see the goodness in yourself and treat yourself with honest compassion. To take care of this chakra is to take care of yourself. Treat yourself to a nice massage, eat your favorite foods, take a nice walk through the park, enjoy nature, recognize your personal strengths and talents. Through these simple practices, you incorporate the deeper meaning behind Anahata; you live in that space of balance, calmness, and serenity. It is through these reinforced energies that our interaction with the outside world is dealt with on a meaningful, cooperative, sincere, and loving way.

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