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Daily Ritual

Daily ritual gym organized routine yoga

Do you have a daily ritual that sets the tone for your day? If we wake up without a plan, we can sometimes feel lost, confused, disorganized and the rest of the day can feel the same. Try establishing a daily routine that gets you going as you pursue a successful day.

I'm one of those kinds of guys that that keeps a to-do list, a calendar of appointments, and have a stack of post-it notes nearby when I have random thoughts to get down on paper. By having these things, I'm able to have very productive days; at least 96% of the time, I feel accomplished at the end of the day. But this all starts with a daily routine that starts the day off right.

I like to go to the gym daily. After a bowl of oatmeal and a chocolate protein drink in the early morning, you'll find me pumping iron at my local gym. For me, the time in the gym allows for me to clear my mind, relieve some stress, get my body moving, and organize my day. I feel so good after my workout. I feel like I'm able to conquer the day. I’m able to easily move through my to-do list and my scheduled appointments. When I don't go, I often feel a little tired and a bit disorganized. I count on that part of my day to create the best day possible.

I'm not advocating that you go to the gym every morning, but maybe you have another simple routine that helps you start your day. Perhaps it's reading the newspaper, drinking a cup of tea, meditating, walking the dog, or doing the crossword puzzle. It literally can be ANYTHING. The only intention here is that it's something that is a routine; something you do most everyday. Setting a pattern of events like this gets your mind in gear and motivated to endure what is to come in your day. Many times, those daily events include unplanned or untimely circumstances. The whole day may not always be as routined as your daily ritual. When the day is full of the unknown, it can only make the mind feel more scattered. But when you know that you can always come back to your ritual, the thing you do consistently, the mind self-corrects and sets you on course. The daily patterns allow for you to manage those things that are not in your day planner.

Let us know what you do every morning to start your day.

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