Cleanse the Political Muck

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We seem to be inundated by the political drama that has been in our news on a daily basis. Sometimes it feels like it’s hard to escape it. Some are overwhelmed by the news. Others are intrigued by it and want more. Whatever your condition, I’d like to suggest something: take an occasional break to cleanse. Our minds and bodies can only process so much. We can experience a news saturation that can have  heavy consequences: stress, confusion, restlessness, illness, and more.

So, how can you cleanse yourself from these effects? My simple answer is....take a break, turn off the news. I know, easier said than done. But sometimes we have to make a conscious decision to take these often needed breaks. I have a real-life story for you. I have a relative that always has the radio playing in their home. Not just one radio, but several. One on the main floor and another on the top floor. But what’s playing is not music. It’s talk-radio. News. And the radios are ALWAYS on (or at least most of the time.) And these talk radio programs are constantly spewing out news and headlines. (And most of it now very pleasant news.) The relative isn’t actively listening to these programs, however. They are just playing in the background. My guess is that the subconscious self is actively listening and being influenced by these stories. As a result, I find that this relative is frequently worried and upset about things. My suggestion is to turn off the radios. Enjoy the silence. Or replace the talk radio with mellow music. This could change the way their subconscious obsorbs and processes information. It may even relieve the stress of too much processing. As a result, they may feel more calm, more relaxed.

So, it could be a simple task of turning off the radio or tv or setting a time limit on how much news you consume. Find an alternative activity: take a walk, chat with a friend about non-news, enjoy a nice cup of tea, read an automotive magazine, try a new recipe, and the list goes on and on and on. There are so many ways you can actively take a break from the news that captures our attention everyday. Choose something you enjoy. Try it today. Let us know how it goes.

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